Sarah De Carlo


Depravity – Forza Trailer & Sound Design

2021 / 12 Tracks / Forza Trailer & Sound Design / FSD1038

Blend of sound design and ominous drones. Impending doom and evil.

© 2021 Atomica Music


Dark, Ominous, Serious, Strange, Violent, Tense, Evil


Drama: Crime, Horror, Trailers


Scary, Creepy, Odd, Violence, Haunt, Haunting, Brood, Brooding, Eerie, Tension, Foreboding, Unsetting, Ominous.


1) Fear The Dark – Sinister presence increasingly becomes horrific. Repeating hypnotic sounds draw you deeper into evil happenings.

2) Delirium And Death – Sinister and dark presence. Huge impacts and nerve racking scrapes with monstrous violent intent.

3) Criminal Intimacy – Dark and eerie drones creep in. Rhythmic textures and unnerving synth tones build in suspicion and tension.

4) Illicit Underground – Repeating big impacts and unsettling drones set a dark and violent tension. Impending danger and intense horror.

5) Deep Infiltration – Suspicion and dark mystery surrounds building percussion intensity. Getting closer to danger.

6) Biological Threat – Low ominous drone draws dangerously closer. Metallic rhythms and unsettling tones keep an anxiously dark suspense.

7) Evil Guru – Demented soundscapes and twisted textures come closer into focus. Mysterious piano melody at 0:51, building percussion intensity to a climax.

8) Suspicious Behavior – Foreboding crime and horror soundtrack with a suspicious melody and sparse but threatening percussive effects.

9) Murder Passion – Malicious textures carry a tense and dark mood throughout with slowly evolving percussive impact intensity.

10) Incorruptible – Dark atmospheric intro with foreboding impacts and fast-beating heart rhythm beginning at 1:11.

11) Reluctant Murderer – Rhythmic slicing and cutting effect increasingly becomes disturbed and violent.

12) Vintage Homicide – Slow pulsing crime and paranormal tension track with a slight retro slant. Strange synth lead, churning dark percussive effects.

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Sarah De Carlo - Trailer Composer | Sound Designer

Sarah De Carlo - Trailer Composer | Sound Designer

Mail: [email protected]


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