Sarah De Carlo


Images of vikings and norse gods. Battles and conquests. Ancient sound design.

Track List:

Empire Of Ice

Eerie and disjointed string bends set a dark and tense mood. Pulsing tones and building aggression from 0:38 keep you on high alert.

Hall Of The Fallen

Battle heroes and warrior history honored. Moody, militant and metallic.

Escaping From Helheimr

Dark and haunting impacts and textures build with menacing impacts and unsettling bellows. Action intensity picks up at 1:16.

White Tempest

Ominous atmospheres and slow marching percussion build with dark suspense and mystic power.

Battle For Supremacy

Bellowing horns and awakening of Gods. Ancient tribal sounds woven throughout a cinematic battle soundtrack.


Battle horns and percussion emerge from a dark and mysterious open. Scratchy strings, tribal percussion and building aggression.

Winter Of Glory

Mystical, mysterious and honored valor. Ceremonial percussion, sound design and ancient atmospheres weave together.

Nordic Sky

Tribal war rhythms and intense cinematic aggression. Dark, ancient and violent.

Odin Rises

Powerful and ancient forces arise. Deep vocal bellows, bagpipes and harp summon supernatural entities.

Call To War

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Sarah De Carlo - Trailer Composer | Sound Designer

Sarah De Carlo - Trailer Composer | Sound Designer

Mail: [email protected]


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